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Logo Domaine Bovy

Chexbres, Vaud

Bovy wines are meant to be shared. With family, friends or at the estate, they are nourished by beautiful encounters...
Originally from Chexbres, the Bovys are an old family from Vaud. The cellar dates from the 16th century and the first vines of the estate were acquired in 1779. From 1925, Henri Bovy developed the cultivation of his vines. In 1937, Maurice began marketing his wines in bottles. His son Bernard succeeded him in 1960. Always in direct line, from 1997 to 2014 the estate was managed by his sons, Vincent and Eric, then following the death of Vincent in 2015 by Bertrand and Eric who represent the fourth generation.

Logo Les Fils Rogivue

Chexbres, Vaud

Winegrowers in Chexbres. Lavaux Grands Crus in the St-Saphorin, Dézaley & Thistle. White wines, red wines and specialties. Terravin gold label and multiple distinctions at the Swiss Wine Grand Prix.
The wines of Les Fils Rogivue combine the traditional know-how of Lavaux winegrowers with the constant quest for exceptional flavors. A spirit that has been perpetuated for four generations.

Logo Cave Champ de Clos

Chexbres, Vaud

Already in the 15th century, the Conne family cultivated vines on the slopes of Lavaux. Today Christelle Conne has taken over the business passed on by her parents Claudine and Jean-Michel Conne. Proud to perpetuate values strongly rooted in the terroir, the Cave Champ de Clos is also a dynamic company, made up of a cultivation manager surrounded by a team of permanent and temporary viticultural employees for work such as leaf thinning or harvest.
For the cellar work, an oenologist supported by a consultant oenologist works from the press to the bottling. In a common spirit, we are committed to producing grapes of excellent quality while respecting the environment and in limited quantities to produce the fine wines that make the reputation of the house.

Logo Constant Jomini

Chexbres, Vaud

Winegrowers from father to son for three generations, the Jomini family operates an avant-garde 3.5 ha estate.

Logo Pierre-Luc Leyvraz

Chexbres, Vaud

Pierre-Luc Leyvraz tamed Chasselas, his favorite grape variety. He highlights the very essence of the Saint-Saphorin terroir to produce his famous 'Les Blassinges'.
Terrorist at heart, he devotes all his care to the artisanal culture of an estate made up of a mosaic of “charmus” on a steep slope. The age of the vines, the planting density, the short pruning, the regulation of the harvest and countless other well-controlled parameters allow the production of very high quality grapes. His collaborator André Bélard and Pierre-Luc Leyvraz are committed to showcasing the exceptional terroir of St-Saphorin and Dézaley by producing wines worthy of their reputation.

Logo Pierre-André Jaunin

Organic Winemaker
Chexbres, Vaud

Coming from a family of winegrowers who have had their roots in Chexbres since 1458, Pierre-André Jaunin has been working the land of the family estate organically since 2001, the year he took it over from his father.
He located in the town of Chexbres in Lavaux, on the air of the St-Saphorin appellation.
The cellar where its wines are aged is located in an old Bernese house dating from 1750.

Logo Francey Vins

Chexbres, Vaud

Operated since 1384 by the Barbey family, the estate is now in the hands of Christophe Francey. He learned his grandfather's know-how, while developing his own ideas. It thus contributes to the development of the 3 hectares of vines located in Saint-Saphorin in the heart of Lavaux, elected World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Logo Domaine Chappuis

Rivaz, Vaud

It is in the magnificent village of Rivaz, located in the heart of the vineyards and on the shores of Lake Geneva, that the Chappuis family has been established since 1335. Now with the presence of the 19th generation, one can reasonably affirm that the land and the vine are their roots.
Their estate is part of the terraced vineyards of Lavaux, a cultural landscape inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as an exceptional example of the centuries-old interaction between people and their environment. It is a heritage that they are committed to preserving and enhancing in order to pass it on to future generations.


Rivaz, Vaud

Rivaz, Vaud

Logo Marina Bovard

Epesses, Vaud

Family estate of 1.6 ha composed of 'Vineyards and terraces' extending over the Epesses, Calamin, Dézaley and Montreux appellations. The house is a former convent dating from 1450, it overlooks Savoy and Lake Geneva.

Logo Sélection Comby

Organic Winemaker
Chamoson, Wallis

Three generations, one passion. Louis Comby, the founder, left as a legacy the traditional grape varieties which are still cultivated with the same enthusiasm.
His son, Gratien, succeeded him in 1983. He planted specialties and created blends which contributed to the prestige of the estate. Drawing on the experience of the two previous generations, Yann Comby continues the adventure by selecting the Excellence of the Chamoson terroir.

Logo Dr Gabs

Puidoux, Vaud

It was in 2000 that Gabriel Hasler, then 16 years old, received his first craft beer kit. He will take his group of friends, including his friend Reto Engler and his neighbor David Paraskevopoulos, on board to embark on the adventure of brewing their first beer.
After several moves and expansions, the brewery moved to Puidoux in 2018. Currently, more than 35 full-time equivalents are working body and soul to offer the best possible beers to all Swiss bon vivants.

Logo 7Peaks

Morgins, Valais

7Peaks Brasserie has been creating and brewing craft beers in Morgins since 2014. The adventure is the initiative of Robby and Corinne Collins. Originally from the United States, Robby met his wife Corinne in Switzerland and never left. They both left their respective positions to start producing and marketing craft beers. Perched at more than 1300 meters above sea level, the brewery is surrounded by the most beautiful mountains of Valais, and in particular by the Dents du Midi whose 7 peaks gave their name to each of the 7 beers of different styles offered throughout. the year. Limited editions complete the range over the seasons and the inspirations of the brewer in order to surprise your taste buds even more...

Logo Gagygnole

Souboz, Jura

Gagygnole is a company founded by Gagy in 2014. Then developed by them, the three Gyger brothers from Souboz. Their objective is to produce natural and/or organic spirits. From picking to distribution through distillation, they control the entire manufacturing process. Thus, they guarantee quality, traditional and environmentally friendly products while promoting direct contact with their suppliers and customers. They value the know-how of their elders through innovative creations.

Logo Fischer Vins

Coinsins, Vaud

The Fischer family had been established in Belmont-sur-Lausanne since 1987, living on a farm on the heights of the town since 1990. They moved in 2017, to Chenaux/Cully. She now lives above the cellar and vault.

Logo Morand

Martigny, Wallis

Established in Martigny since 1889, Distillerie Morand has stood out since its inception for its strong regional roots. An attachment to the land, family know-how and the continual search for quality are some of the ingredients that have allowed this family business to cross the ages while adapting to changing contexts, particularly in terms of alcohol consumption.
The Distillery develops liqueurs, lemonades, syrups, marcs and spirits, including the very famous Williams pear spirit, Williamine. In addition to its own products, the family business distributes other beverages in Valais, to hotels, cafés, restaurants and shops. From the 20th century, the House's range of drinks was added to a range of products made up of Swiss beers, aperitifs and mineral waters.

Logo Le Marché de Delphine

Proximity products
Puidoux, Vaud

Delphine's market is located in Puidoux and offers almost only local products, Switzerland.
After a childhood spent on the farm, an apprenticeship as a cook and a second training in pastry-confectionery, Delphine worked for a few years in the restaurant of a renowned hotel. Family life being incompatible with restaurant schedules, she took up the torch from her parents and started her activity in the markets, selling fruit and vegetables from the family estate. In order not to let the unsold fruits go to waste, she made jams from them, which she also sold. Little by little, she stopped vegetables to specialize in jams, apple juice, cooked wine and syrups.
The confection was done at home and it was not too difficult to s absent twice a week to go and sell their products at the market. Subsequently, in order to fully meet hygiene standards, it acquired new premises in Puidoux in which a professional kitchen was installed, as well as a storage space.

Logo Le Grenier du Praz-Riand

Farm products
Etagnières, Vaud

Logo Moutarde Dudit Jo

Mustard factory
Montreux, Vaud

Resident for a long time on the Vaud Riviera, Joël Beney, known as 'Jo', started in early 2017 in the manufacture of artisanal mustard.
What led him to develop these products is the desire to share his passion for the taste of beautiful products and original recipes. Composed of a maximum of regional products, its mustards are ethical and anchored in the spirit of the times.
All mustards are cooked with mustard seeds from Cottens (VD), Swiss honey and contain no preservatives nor dyes. Guaranteed gluten-free, their subtle and surprising taste will delight the most demanding!

Logo My Happy Miel

Mont-Pèlerin, Vaud

Its hives are located in Mont-Pèlerin in Switzerland.
Its honey is 100% pure, natural, without any type of mixture or preservative!
Extracted with great respect and attention.
Potted without be heated or mixed with other substances.
Its honey crystallizes over time and that is the best indication of the purity of the honey.
Its honey comes from untreated wild flowers, it is for this reason that it is 100% NATURAL and ORGANIC!


Homemade jams and syrups
Sarraz, Vaud

Logo Café Oli

Villette, Vaud

CaféOli is an artisanal specialty coffee roaster active in French-speaking Switzerland since 2017. They offer 100% Arabica 'single origin' specialty coffees roasted with love in Villette en Lavaux.
Their coffees are 100% Arabica, roasted at a degree that maintains the uniqueness and properties of the different origins, while offering low acidity and a rich, round taste in the cup. In the jargon of roasters, it is a roast halfway between a 'City' and a 'Full City', with a different profile studied so that each coffee expresses its best.

Logo Chalet Project

Bone broth
Vevey, Vaud

Swiss bone broth, rich in collagen, organic, artisanal and low in salt.
A homemade product, made up of organic ingredients without additives or preservatives, simmered for 24 hours to extract a concentrate of minerals, vitamins and collagen.
Bone broth has been used for centuries around the world.

Logo Dicifood

100% local agricultural products
Cottens, Vaud

DICIFOOD offers 100% Vaudois products by focusing on quality, respect for the product and simplicity.
Products that were no longer (or little) grown in our regions for decades, abandoned in favor of mass cultivation .
All while respecting the environment thanks in particular to production according to the specifications of the IP-SUISSE label. All of their products have also achieved an A grade on Beelong's eco-score.

Logo La Gremillette Gourmande

Local products
Rivaz, Vaud

Logo La Nymphe des Montagnes

Teas, Herbal Teas and Infusions
Grône, Wallis

'The Mountain Nymph' is above all the desire to share her knowledge of plants and nutrition to feel good and in harmony with nature and ourselves.
In the collection 'The magic of the Nymph', find the magic teas to walk together towards your personal development.
Each herbal tea is adorned with a wooden pearl and a natural feather signature of the Mountain Nymph and each magic tea has a lithotherapy pearl corresponding to its theme as well as a feather that you can collect.

Logo C-SiBon

Artisanal products
Lausanne, Vaud

C-SiBon, the brand of the company QGH Sàrl founded by Pierre Mouron.
For a long time Pierre has loved cooking and often prepared shortbread for an aperitif. Over time his friends strongly encouraged him to make a business of it and would be his first customers. That's how the story started.
Very quickly he was looking for a brand and had the idea of C-SiBon with this special spelling. The name of the products came to him because he was looking for a humorous side while keeping the love and passion for a job well done to qualify them.
Besides, the name of his company QGH Sàrl means 'Quality, Taste, Humor!'

Logo Ecuyer des Saveurs

Artisanal products
Belmont-sur-Lausanne, Vaud

Passionate cook, and lover of good things, Steve Rochat has decided to offer his creations to delight your taste buds, wishing to put his love, passion and know-how at your service.
Loving taste, flavors, fresh products and nature, which is why he goes so far as to cultivate some of his vegetables, fruits and aromatic herbs. Working as much as possible with the artisans of the region, you will taste products from the Vaud region.

Logo Mamie Claire

Artisanal products
Arnex-sur-Orbe, Vaud

Mamie-claire favors local products and short circuits as much as possible and its preserves are sterilized in reusable jars, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of its activity.
As time goes by, Mamie-claire Claire makes your life easier by saving you time while offering you healthy foods, without preservatives or additives.

Logo Les Délices de Tantine

Artisanal products
St-Maurice, Wallis

Les Délices de Tantines is a family SME active in the production and distribution of artisanal specialties to professionals in the retail trade in Switzerland. Their specialties are made mainly from ingredients of Swiss origin! They also work with local suppliers when possible.

Logo Hugo

Swiss condiments
Aigle, Vaud

A range of local condiments, made from ingredients grown in Switzerland.
In order to offer you the best and defend the local terroir, Hugo has collaborated for many years for its supply of pickles and cucumbers with Swiss farmers, who cultivate and harvest our dear cucurbits with care.
They are thus the only manufacturers able to offer you jars of pickles and cucumbers 100% composed of ingredients of Swiss origin.

Logo Moulin de Severy

Artisanal products
Sévery, Vaud

The Moulin de Sévery team makes it a point of honor to present you with local products in which ancestral know-how is found. The ingredients used in the development of their products are carefully selected from passionate artisans. Respect for quality and authenticity are the foundations of their quest for excellence.

Logo Les Patarox

Lavey-Morcles, Vaud

It was in 2015 that he came up with the idea of making his own spread, without palm oil or added sugar. Following the success with those close to her, she wanted to introduce her to you. Since 2020, she has developed more than fifteen kinds of spreads.


Artisanal sauces
, Ticino

Logo Cadesio

Swiss chocolate
Lausanne, Vaud

What drives people to change? It is from this question that Cadesio was born in 2019. This company has a very clear social objective: to send a message of hope and to inspire people to change things. How do they want to spread this message? Using chocolate as a vector. The syllable 'Ca' means cocoa and cambiamento (Italian for change). The word 'desio' means desire. It is therefore a desire for chocolate, but also a desire for change. Nine chocolates, nine unique tastes, nine stories, nine foundations, one community.

Logo Chez Denis

Terrines & other artisanal products
Corbières, Freiburg

Denis evolves in the Friborg terroir. And contrary to what this word suggests, the terroir is not fixed in tradition. Working the terroir means taking root in the products, the breeders, the history that surrounds us to grow and extend many branches that will be so many varied products. It is his perception of this word and what he tries to achieve every day through his terrines, rillettes, confits, pestos, etc. but also products/producers that he selects and highlights! Chez Denis is an artisan cook who makes local terrines, but not only. He also makes rillettes, confits, pestos, etc.
He therefore works with the terroir to create new products that naturally follow the course of the seasons.

Logo Delleycious

Artisanal vinegars
Molondin, Vaud

Whether through a symphony of pure fruits or creamy ones, Delleycious enhances and invigorates your culinary creations, both savory and sweet.
Delleycious fruits are grown by long-standing partners, with whom ties go beyond simple business relationship. Fruit from here, in order to encourage short circuits, or from a little further afield, from fair trade, in order to get closer to cultures and lands that are too often forgotten.

Logo The Mochi House

Swiss mochis
Epalinges, Vaud

The Mochi House is the first producer of artisanal mochi made entirely in Switzerland. While respecting the traditional Japanese recipe, the products used in their manufacture are 100% Swiss in order to favor local artisans and maintain a high level of quality.
The Mochi House is the first artisanal production of mochi in Switzerland. The founder wishes to offer a quality product respecting the traditional Japanese recipe. The Mochi House offers you an iced version of this typical Japanese dessert - 100% 'Swiss Made'. This pastry is filled with the highest quality ice cream, made in the Canton of Vaud.

Logo Les vergers du Guéravet

Organic fruit orchards
Grolley, Freiburg

The pastures of their farm in the hamlet of Guéravet are landscaped with high-stem fruit trees, cultivated extensively and organically for the happiness of biodiversity and local specialties. The fruit harvest is used for direct sale and processing of products such as jams, chutneys, compotes, juices, cooked wine, cider, syrups, etc.

Logo Cholletchoc

Chocolate factory - Artisanal pastry
Forel, Vaud

Epicurean of the small pleasures of life, Christine Chollet has returned to the simplicity of the product by favoring the quality and quantity of the components and their combinations. This awareness in no way detracts from the intensity of pleasure and the authenticity of a good product and respects its core values:
Handmade, passion, discovery, quality, pleasure as well as listening to your desires.

Logo Confeserie de la Fée

Artisanal confectionery
Vétroz, Wallis

Using her magic wand, the fairy will make you succumb to her refined creations, carefully prepared from rigorously selected materials to offer you the best in quality. It is an artisanal confectionery located in Valais, their products are prepared every day in their laboratory in Vétroz.
Their marzipan fruits are made from natural ingredients.

Logo Laudato Si'

Organic artisanal pasta
Montet, Freiburg

Quality pasta that will not only delight your taste buds but also your stomach since it is more easily assimilated by the body and which, icing on the cake, drives the local economy and gives fair compensation to the farmers of your region. All their products are certified 'BIO SUISSE'.

Logo CaraKas

Artisanal granola
Lausanne, Vaud

Carakas Granola has been producing and developing healthy snacks based on local and/or organic products for more than 10 years.
100% artisanal, 100% natural and 100% tasty.

Logo L'espagnol

Spanish artisanal products
Préverenges, Vaud

Tired of tasting Spanish products without identity, far from the memories of his childhood, it was in 2016 that Ruben set himself the challenge of finding authentic products made by enthusiasts, people who love what they do and whose profit is not their first motivation.
This is how he offers products from small producers, full of passion and tradition...

Logo La Ferme des Trois Épis

Farm products
Aigle, Vaud

La Ferme des Trois Épis is located in the heart of Chablais in the agricultural area of Aigle. Combining the latest knowledge in terms of technology and ecology, they are committed through their eco-egg label, to a clean and environmentally friendly agriculture.
They produce and process their cereals for their hens who lay top quality eggs. The biodiversity they put in place allows them to also produce honey, nuts, apples , pears, cherries and Mirabelle plums.

Logo Fée d'Or

Organic ginger and organic turmeric
Écublens, Vaud

For more than 20 years, their passion has been ginger. They create juices, vinegar, caramel and many other good things from ginger.