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Photo du Kiosque de la Corniche

When it all begins

December 2021

It all starts in December 2021. While looking for a new challenge, it was at this time that the opportunity arose to take over the Kiosque de la Corniche in Chexbres.

Le travail au Kiosque de la Corniche

A new challenge

March 2022

Following the takeover of the Kiosque de la Corniche in March 2022, it is then time to discover a new profession, with all the difficulties that this represents. The first months have been very difficult, strewn with pitfalls and have given rise to many twists and turns.

Travaux d'aménagement du local de Moutarlier

A new start

July 2022

Following many difficulties related to the historic location of the kiosk, it was then that we took the decision to change location, despite the history of this place. It is on July 1st that we took possession of our new premises at Grand'Rue 4, formerly Moutarlier. However, major work is needed to adapt the premises to our needs and refresh them.

Travaux d'agrandissement de l'épicerie

Expansion (1st stage)

December 2022

We did therefore carry out a first part of this work in the following months, while keeping the kiosk open in order to continue to serve you. And it was in December 2022 that we were finally able to open the old lab to expand the delicatessen and the wine cellar, in order to offer you ever more artisanal products.

Travaux de construction

To be continued...

Year 2023

What will 2023 bring?

Our team

Anastasia (Co-owner)

Daughter of entrepreneurial parents, Anastasia came to live in Switzerland at the age of 17. After obtaining two bachelor's degrees in computer science and a Federal Certificate in finance, she embarked on a career as a computer consultant in the banking sector.

Following the birth of her daughter in 2020, she decided to radically change her life and follow her parents' path by becoming independent. She then set herself the challenge of taking over the Kiosque de la Corniche in Chexbres, supported by her husband Pierre-Yves, and aims to keep alive the last kiosk in the region, while increasing its services, also offering local products and the very famous wines of Lavaux.

Anastasia will be delighted to welcome you to the Épicerie de la Corniche shop and help you discover the many artisanal products from our regions.

Photo d'Anastasia

Pierre-Yves (Co-owner)

Pierre-Yves is helping his wife with all administrative tasks.

Photo de Pierre-Yves